Why Is So Much Memorization Required for Medical School?

Why Is So Much Memorization Required for Medical School?

Why Is So Much Memorization Required for Medical School?

Jun 25, 2024

Medical school’s reputation for being extremely rigorous stems from the sheer volume of information students must learn within a short period of time. Especially in the earlier years, students should develop effective ways of memorizing content so that applying the information is easier down the line. Given the grueling demands of this course of study, it is critical that medical students are equipped with the right tools and study methods to succeed. 

Building a Foundation of Medical Knowledge 

It is estimated that med students spend approximately 70% of their academic journey on memorization while 30% is dedicated to other skills. This translates into about 30,000 new terms learned in total, or ten new terms learned each day.

The human body and its processes are complex. From anatomy and pathology to pharmacology and more, the number of terms required for memorization is daunting enough for some students to give up. However, gaining a thorough understanding of all medical concepts is necessary to build a strong base of knowledge so that students can apply this information to their practice in later years. 

Every small piece of information can be valuable for properly understanding a patient’s situation in a clinical setting. Thus, students must retain the content they learn in medical school for the duration of their career. This requires effective memorization techniques and studying smarter rather than harder.


Mnemonics are one of the best study tools for memorizing large amounts of information. They take advantage of our ability to recall rhymes or stories more effectively than raw facts. This taps into the power of visualization, helping the brain create powerful mental images for otherwise scattered information. For example, the mnemonic "SOAP” is helpful to remember how to document a patient assessment (Subjective, Objective, Assessment, and Plan).

Another strength of mnemonics is their ability to create memorable associations between unrelated pieces of information. This can be particularly useful in medical school, where students must remember complex pathways, symptoms, and treatments.

Thus, it is advantageous to create customized mnemonics that make use of personally relevant information. Other ways to customize mnemonics include adding a catchy musical melody or introducing a specific theme. 

Studies have shown that using mnemonics can significantly improve retention and recall compared to rote memorization. In particular, one study found the use of mnemonics to be associated with a 77% increase in test scores. This is because mnemonics engage multiple areas of the brain, such as visual, auditory, and kinesthetic, making the memory more robust.

Using Learvo to Boost Memory

While the use of mnemonics is an effective study technique, manually creating mnemonics is time-consuming and detracts from valuable study time.

At Learvo, we understand the challenges that medical students face when it comes to memorizing vast amounts of information. That's why we've developed a tool designed to make your learning journey easier and more effective.

Learvo is a mnemonic generator specifically tailored for medical students. With Learvo, you can create custom mnemonics to help you remember complex medical concepts, drug names, anatomical structures, and more. Our user-friendly interface makes it easy to generate mnemonics quickly and efficiently, so you can spend less time memorizing and more time understanding.

Learvo also offers a library of curated common medical mnemonics. Whether you're studying for an exam or preparing for rounds, our library is filled with mnemonics that cover a wide range of medical topics. Plus, you can easily search for specific mnemonics or filter for categories to find the perfect mnemonic for your needs.

With Learvo, you can supercharge your memory and enhance your learning experience. Say goodbye to endless hours of rote memorization and hello to a smarter, more efficient way to learn. Join the Learvo community today and revolutionize the way you study medicine!

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@ 2024 Learvo. All rights reserved

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